Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The patients who were on Oxygen or ICU admissions are advised to undergo antibody testing before proceeding for vaccination.

It is an inactivated virus vaccines that is usually made by exposure of virulent virus to chemical or physical agents, in order to destroy infectivity while retaining immunogenicity.

Yes, all health services related to vaccination are free of charge.

The vaccine is available for everyone starting from the age of 18 years and above. The targeted groups are patients with Chronic diseases, elderly above 50 years (Nationals and Residents of UAE) and healthcare workers.

This facility will be applicable only after the second dose of the vaccine. It will be notified in their AL HOSN app after 28 days as "EMERGENCY USE" and to retain the status one needs to undergo PCR test on every 14th day untill the further notification by Department of Health.

Beneficiaries should receive two doses (3-4 weeks interval). 2nd dose can be from 21 days to 28 days of the 1st dose.

Not required after the age of 50

It is from China. Beijing Institute of Biological Products

No. You must book your appointment through our webpage.

Yes. During your visit for vaccination the doctor will also evaluate you for your eligibility

You can take vaccine. Please confirm with your Oncologist before taking an appointment. Also during your visit for vaccination the doctor will also evaluate you for your eligibility

Yes you can take vaccine. Also during your visit for vaccination the doctor will also evaluate you for your eligibility

Yes you can take vaccine. Also during your visit for vaccination the doctor will also evaluate you for your eligibility

Effective duration of vaccine is an ongoing observation therefore exact duration at this stage cannot be predicted

Yes but to ensure the best protection from COVID-19, it is very important to not skip the second dose. The second dose must be from the same vaccine type.


Standard precautionory measures need to continue including wearing a mask , social distancing and hand sanitization.

Most common symptoms include: Fatigue, Headache, Injection-Site pain, Fever

Yes. As part of the vaccination program

It will get updated in your Al-HOSN APP after 28 days of the 2nd dose of vaccination.

Yes. He or she can take after qurantine period is finished

RT PCR is not required while travelling within the UAE, but if travelling abroad RT PCR is required as per government and airlines regulations

Alcohol could hinder the body’s immune response

If patient blood pressure is controlled and stabilized with medications, then he can take vaccine

There is no fixed period but depend upon his antibodies level after covid infection as it is not clear how long the protective antibodies will last after an infection

No, it is not possible to get Covid-19 from vaccines. Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 use inactivated virus. This vaccine gives your body a code which helps it recognize the virus, so your body can fight it off in the future.

You can report immediately to the contact number provided in vaccination card 02-4493333.

Most people who have food or environmental allergies can still get the vaccine. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have had any severe reactions to medicines or vaccines in the past. Also during your visit for vaccination the doctor will also evaluate you for your eligibility.

No, 18 years and above only for now as per DOH guidelines

No they cannot.

They can take vaccine after 3 months post delivery.

Yes if they are arrived from travel. However if they are close contacts of positive COVID-19 case, they should adhere to all quarantine requirements. But they have to continue with the PCR test on the stipulated days as mentioned by the regulatory authority

Exemption is applied 28 days after the second dose, and if people continue doing PCR COVID-19 test every 14 days, they will be exempted from the following upon entry to Abu Dhabi Emirate within the UAE

Fortnightly PCR testing is necessary to maintain the E Status in AL HOSN App. Those returning from abroad quarantine is not required. PCR test is mandatory on the day of arrival, 6th day and 8th after arrival.

Persons can return to their normal activities, taking into consideration following all the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


As per the guidelines it is recommended to take 2 dosages of vaccine to get adequate immune response

Just take the second dose at the earliest. No need to repeat the first dose.

The donor plasma contains anti Covid-19 antibodies and may suppress the immune response to the vaccine. As it is, those who have recovered from Covid-19 may not need the vaccine in the early phases.

Yes, in fact diabetes has been established as a risk factor for severe disease and all diabetic patients must get vaccinated on priority.

Yes. But you need to wait for more than four weeks after the influenza vaccine to be able to take the COVID-19 vaccine

No. It is not safe to take a different type of COVID-19 vaccination.

Children below 18 years, Pregnant women, Women who are breast feeding, Wome who are trying to conceive, People who are immunocompromised, People allergic to any other vaccine, food, substance, medication.